Company Overview/About Us

Established in 1967 Bon Appétit has proudly been serving the Princeton area as a gourmet European retail store with a French bistro style café.  At Bon Appétit we offer a variety of over 250 cheeses from around the world, a wide range of imported meats, over 5000 hand picked gourmet specialty items, gourmet gift baskets, four star catering services, luscious European style deserts and fresh crusty European style baguettes baked every 30 minutes.

At Bon Appétit like in a traditional European household there is nothing more important then what goes on your table day in and day out. This is where you lay your pride, creativity and originality on the line. We take that same authenticity of Europe and leave it at the grasp of your finger tips. So why not take pride in what you eat and eat well? Bon Appétit

Company History

Bon Appétit Fine Foods of Princeton has proudly been serving the Princeton area since 1967.  Bon Appétit started as a small Northern European delicatessen store by a small Danish couple.  In 1989 the store was acquired by a Belgian family that brought more regional authentic European elements to the store.  In 2009, then Vice President of Store Operations for Dean and Deluca William Lettier purchased the store and has brought his knowledge, business expertise, and passion for exquisite food.  

Bon Appétit has since grown to offer one of the best gourmet food experiences along the east coast.  From high end restaurant quality prepared foods to that hard to find cheese you once had in Europe to the French style baguette you didn’t think existed on this side of the Atlantic to seasonally imported truffles Bon Appétit truly offers a uniquely exquisite food experience that everyone can appreciate.  

In December 2011, Bon Appétit proudly expanded it’s services and opened it’s first satellite café in the Princeton Forrestal Village located in Plainsboro, NJ